Welcome our new Regional FIRST Senior Mentors!

We are happy to announce that we have two new FIRST Senior Mentors in our region!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the role, the goals of every FIRST Senior Mentor include:

  • Recruiting students
  • Building partnerships, assist with sponsorship/grant opportunities, and securing resources
  • Providing support/training to teams
  • Recruiting and support Coach/Mentors
  • Recruiting Volunteers to support events
  • Assisting with outreach efforts
  • Promoting inclusion and increase diversity within the FIRST community
  • Serve on the board of FIRST Louisiana-Mississippi

Eric Smith
is excited to be “going FIRST” as the Louisiana Senior Mentor. Eric has been involved in public education in the New Orleans area for the past 13 years and has extensive experience in curriculum development and teacher coaching across all subject areas. He’s very passionate about extending exposure and access to all things STEM for all students K-12.  Eric looks forward to supporting and helping to grow FIRST programs across the state.  His goals as FIRST Senior Mentor for Louisiana will include (but not be limited to) integration of FIRST programs into the Louisiana school system and its existing pathways, to help schools that are new to the FIRST curriculum have a smooth transition in and out of the classroom, to source mentors, moderators and sponsors and to liaison with Louisiana legislature to help create a sustainable FIRST culture in our state. He will also be assisting with the creation and integration of FTC and FRC mentor training materials for new and existing teams.
Eric Smith can be contacted directly by esmith@firstinspires.org.

Clint Brawley
‘s FIRST involvement started four years ago as the FUSION 364 Lead Mentor and School Moderator.  He’s spent three years mentoring and sponsoring Gulfport’s numerous FTC and FLL Teams, and he’s hosted and run the Mississippi Gulf Coast FTC Qualifiers.  Most recently, he and his team hosted the first Mississippi off-season FRC event, the Beach Bot Battle, sponsored by Mississippi Power.  Clint successfully uses FRC and FTC in his high school engineering class and encourages other Mississippi teachers to do the same. He was instrumental in getting both FRC and FTC included in the newly developed 2018 Mississippi High School Engineering Curriculum. As FIRST Senior Mentor, Clint hopes to grow the progression of programs in Mississippi, especially FRC, by finding new mentors and sponsors to help support and sustain teams.  He will also work to bring FIRST to the attention of the Mississippi state legislators to help them recognize that FIRST is the premier STEM program for Mississippi students.
Clint Brawley can be contacted directly by email to cbrawley@firstinpires.org.

Please join me in wishing them good luck and a big Bayou WELCOME!